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2004-5 Compilation and some nostalgia

It's not just money - July 4, 2005

Cross cultural relationships are always interesting, exciting, and sometimes complicated. Of course, one can learn about dating, marriage from books and conversation, but let me give you my 2 cents. This is insight from a foreigner living in Vietnam, a viet-kieu (vietnamese overseas). While I am a foreigner having lived 99% of my life in the U.S., my outward Vietnamese looks does not permit me a free pass to be ignorant to local culture and I even am somewhat expected to understand certain Vietnamese nuances of romantic relationships and marriage. My insight is based on living in Hanoi and Saigon so not the entire country of Vietnam or Vietnamese living overseas.

Marriage and money: While you might come into a relationship thinking that you are independent and control finances, this is not the case in Vietnamese marriages. The money always goes to the wife. Eventhough there are exceptions to the rule, couples are becoming more equal, this is…